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Caught in a Credit Spiral? Struggling to meet your monthly outgoings? Credit cards! Bills! Steep interest! It’s easy for debt to spiral out of control. If you're worried about your financial situation can help you get out of the credit spiral. We know financial hardship can be caused by many factors including sudden unemployment or unforeseen bad health. But there is a way out. Contact us now and get your life back on track!

We’ve helped people just like you escape the credit spiral.

Dianne, Airlie Beach Qld

Every month it was just getting worse.” 

Then she responded to an ad from Debt Cutter, which negotiated a Part IX Debt Agreement with her creditors which will see her paying $220 a fortnight over the next four years.

Dianne says it was a more attractive option than bankruptcy because “this way you keep your self-respect”.

It’s still a struggle but it’s a known struggle – there’s no shock when you open the bill,” 

We have to watch everything we spend… but there’s a light. You know it’s going to come to an end.”


Laurita F  

my health continued to deteriorate.  Over the time of lost income I was using my credit cards to survive.  It turned out, I couldn’t return to work and I was left with debts that I was unable to make the payments on, and have enough to live off as well.

I called Debt Cutter.  Their friendly staff listened to my situation, treated me as a real person, and gave me advice that was right for me.  

Debt Cutter helped me deal with my creditors, and all the debt that was overwhelming me, making me able to look forward to a debt free life.

Terri A 

To all at Debt Cutter, we can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you put into getting us into our debt agreement.  It was not any easy step for us to take to finally put up our hands and state that we were having trouble with our finances.

We got ourselves into some trouble with credit and found ourselves looking down a long tunnel with no light at the end of it, to add to the strain the company my husband was working for went into liquidation which in turn put us further behind.  We were struggling to pay the bills and give our children what they needed.  The people at Debt Cutter showed us the light at the end of the tunnel.

So again a big thank you to Debt Cutter especially Sue and Tina for giving us the chance we needed to get back to the greener side of the fence.

Cathy and Peter

Cathy and husband Peter were a working couple in their 50s when things turned bad two years ago.

The couple had an excellent credit rating and took up the offer of a couple of pre-approved credit cards to tide them over while Peter found work.

You tell yourself you won’t use it until you really need to. It’s a very gradual thing – it creeps up on you,” Cathy said.

Cathy says they felt frightened, isolated – and very embarrassed. It was not something they wanted to talk to family and friends about.

I was almost suicidal and very sick. I was completely unable to think. All I wanted was for the phone calls and bills to stop.”

Cathy and Peter have also entered a (Debt Cutters) Part IX Debt Agreement.

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